Personal assistant service

Our PAs are people that are ready to provide personal assistance to our individual client to enable her or him to live independently. What can your PA do?

24 Hour Live-in Care

This is for clients who need continuous care or companions for two or more weeks. Care Assistants will live with you in your own home or travel with you on holiday.

Qualified Nurses

All our care assistants and qualified nurses are specially selected and are suitably qualified to ensure the highest standards of quality care provision for private nursing.

Who we are

At Radiantlife Care, Our core values include understanding, integrity, respect and love i.e understanding of each client as an individual with specific need. We seek to empower our client to retain their independence and have control of their lives. Our ability to offer a quality and safe services to our clients lies in the core principles and values that drives us.

We value the integrity of our clients which is the reason why we will do everything possible to promote their right, dignity, privacy and their confidentiality. We value their respect, choices and decision more than the services that we will render to them.